Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Launcher plugin


If you don't want to use the Tomcat project wizard, see follow these steps :
  • Create a java project, its structure should be compliant with a war directory structure. Two ways to create this project :
    • create the project in eclipse workspace, then tell Tomcat that this project is a web application, to do that add the following line to your tomcat server.xml file :
      <context path="/yourProjectUrlPath"
      docbase="C:\your\project\abosolute\directory\path" />
    • when creating the project unselect 'Use project default location' and set location to a Tomcat web application directory (webapps subdirectory)
  • Add Tomcat jar files (servlet.jar could be enough) to your project Build path :
    ( open project properties, select Java Build Path, select librairies panel and 'Add external JARs...')
  • Start Tomcat from Tomcat menu AFTER your project is created.

JSP Debugging

We plan to make JSP debugging easier. For the moment, follow those steps :
(Since version 0.9, steps 1 to 3 are automaticaly done by Tomcat Project Wizard)

  • Create a directory work in your project, in this directory create the following directory structure : /org/apache/jsp/
  • Set work directory as a source folder for your project
    (open project properties, select Java Build Path, select Source panel and 'Add Existing folders...')
  • Tell Tomcat to put java files resulting from jsp compilation in this directory
    ( open tomcat server.xml file and set your application context like this :
    <context path="/yourProjectUrlPath"
    docbase="C:\your\project\abosolute\directory\path or /relative/path/from/webapps"
    workDir="C:\your\project\abosolute\directory\path\work\org\apache\jsp" /> )
  • Start Tomcat from Tomcat menu
  • Call your JSP from a web browser
  • In Eclipse select work folder in your project and 'Refresh from Local', java files generated from your JSP should be seen by Eclipse and you can set breakpoint




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